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The Winning at Wealth Podcast

It’s not about the quick cash, the fast cars, or the fancy photos.

Real wealth building starts in your mind and happens on purpose. Social media can make it appear that success happens overnight and you are late to the party.

Winning at Wealth is about building sound, consistent money habits, being educated about financial decisions you face and focusing on the things that you control, rather than the noisy news of the day.

That’s why we created the winning at wealth podcast!

I created the Winning at Wealth podcast to provide a quality resource for you to take your finances to the next level.

I draw on my 20+ year experience as a financial advisor, as well as my personal financial journey, to refine the steps to Winning at Wealth.

Stop grinding for every penny.

Money too often is associated with negative feelings stemming from past experiences and anxieties. Creating the proper money mindset will allow you to approach finances in a positive way where you control the money and it doesn’t control you.

Expand your options, live by your values.

You prefer experiences and are seeking fulfillment beyond riches. Good news – there’s never been more opportunity to serve others, take responsibility for your journey, and make a positive impact while building wealth.

Build good habits that help you Win at wealth.

Once you understand the fundamental process of how money works in today’s world, you can easily build wealth within that system. Soon, you’ll be the one calling the shots – equipped with the mindset and financial knowledge to make actual progress.


You and your money were meant for more. Explore your goals often.


Small amounts dedicated to a well-laid plan make a big impact.


Every financial decision is a vote for your future. Check in regularly.


Time is your ally, impatience is your enemy. Be the tortoise, not the hare.

Ready to get started? Check out the latest episodes now!

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Why Investing is Against Your Natural Instincts

As humans, our brains are embedded with a natural instinct to survive. We constantly check our surroundings for danger and become hyper-vigilant when faced with uncertainty. We want to protect ourselves at all costs and react to perceived threats...

How Healthy Financial Habits Lead to a Healthy Credit Score

How Healthy Financial Habits Lead to a Healthy Credit Score

Rather than focusing on an arbitrary number for your credit score, it’s equally important to focus on the habits that create your financial reality.  Your credit score consists of your payment history, credit utilization rate, the length...

Avoiding Pitfalls of Windfalls

Avoiding Pitfalls of Windfalls

Ever think about what you’d do if you won the lottery? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about buying a bigger house, a faster car, or paying off debt for yourself and your family.  Chances are you won’t actually win the lottery, but it’s still a...

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