Rather than focusing on an arbitrary number for your credit score, it’s equally important to focus on the habits that create your financial reality.  

Your credit score consists of your payment history, credit utilization rate, the length of your credit history, and the various types of credit you have open. Sure, a high credit score can better your chances of getting a loan with lower interest rates, but your score will never increase without intentional action to secure your finances.  

Following the Winning at Wealth steps makes you more attractive as a borrower to potential lenders. This means you’ve followed the steps consistently and created and followed a budget, established savings and investments, and even have an emergency fund to fall back on. This is the type of financial responsibility that puts lenders at ease.   

In this episode, John illustrates why good credit is more than just a number and how to become a magnet for money and boost your creditworthiness.   

In this episode, you’ll also hear: 

  • The most important factor in your credit score  
  • Benefits of different credit categories  
  • What lenders look for in borrowers 


Must-listen moments:  

[00:01:20] The most common credit score is known as your FICO score. This score is used by approximately 90% of lenders and is the key to receiving the best loan rates and terms. 

[00:03:32] As you can see, the broad categories that determine your credit score are simply the hallmarks of sound financial management. 

[00:07:33]  If you’re struggling to finance a home or a business, remember to look inward at the things you control rather than blaming the lenders who are denying you credit.  

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