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Hi, I’m John, the voice behind winning at wealth.

You’re more in control of your financial life than you think and on this show, you’ll learn tangible money moves and financial perspectives that make real progress.

Winning at wealth means

  • You’ll no longer feel like you’re stuck playing a game without knowing the rules.
  • Rather than “I gotta do something, but what?” playing on repeat in your head, you have the tools to invest in your future.
  • You aren’t at the mercy of the system and instead understand how to use the system to your advantage.


Basic steps establish the proper foundation on any income.


You can achieve wealth, regardless of status, age, and education.


The tangible connection to what you own vs graphs on money apps.


Solid habits and small decisions create wealth automatically over time.

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Why Investing is Against Your Natural Instincts

Why Investing is Against Your Natural Instincts

As humans, our brains are embedded with a natural instinct to survive. We constantly check our surroundings for danger and become hyper-vigilant when faced with uncertainty. We want to protect ourselves at all costs and react to perceived threats...

How Healthy Financial Habits Lead to a Healthy Credit Score

How Healthy Financial Habits Lead to a Healthy Credit Score

Rather than focusing on an arbitrary number for your credit score, it’s equally important to focus on the habits that create your financial reality.  Your credit score consists of your payment history, credit utilization rate, the length...

Avoiding Pitfalls of Windfalls

Avoiding Pitfalls of Windfalls

Ever think about what you’d do if you won the lottery? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about buying a bigger house, a faster car, or paying off debt for yourself and your family.  Chances are you won’t actually win the lottery, but it’s still a...